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Pro Athlete Disability Evaluation


Players injured while playing for their club maybe entitled to benefits under state workers’ compensation laws. Although there are differences from state-to-state, workers’ compensation benefits generally take three different forms (some or all of which may be available to you):

  • Disability pay or wage loss benefits to provide compensation for any wages lost as the result of injury;

  • Lump-sum benefits to provide compensation for permanent loss of function. This may be available even if you are still being paid salary in some states;

  • Medical benefits for medical expenses related to the work injury. This may be your most important benefit as the Club will not pay for medical treatment after you leave the team and private insurance may not cover a work-related injury.

YOU must act to protect your right to workers’ compensation for your injury. Failing to act will result in the loss of these important benefits. There are time limitations for filing and the time limitations begin to run in many states from the date of injury, whether you are being paid or not!

Source: NFL Players Association

V.A. Evaluation

There are numerous types of claims that apply to disability compensation. They can be based on disabilities that existed when entering military service, but were made worse, disabilities that occurred during service, or disabilities that arose after you left military service. Additionally, there are claims that are filed for special circumstances.

Source: U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

General Disability Evaluation

Physicians are frequently involved in the assessment of impairment and disability as the treating physician, in consultation, or as an independent medical examiner.

The key elements of this assessment include a comprehensive clinical evaluation and appropriate standardized testing to establish the diagnosis, characterize the severity of impairment, and communicate the patient's abilities, restrictions, and need for accommodation.

The results of the impairment evaluation should be communicated in clear, simple terms to nonmedical professionals representing the benefits systems. These individuals make the final determination on the extent of disability and eligibility for benefits and compensation under that particular benefits system.

Source: The American Family Physician

Social Security Evaluation

Dr. Shade performs disability evaluations which meet Social Security Administration (SSA) standards.

Additional information

Source: Social Security Administration (SSA)

The Social Security Administration (SSA) administers two programs that provide benefits based on disability: 

  • the Social Security disability insurance program (title II of the Social Security Act (the Act)) and
  • the supplemental security income (SSI) program (title XVI of the Act).